Article tools printer friendly send to friend bookmark feedback font: smaller default larger largest support search for a support service or group in your area. how long will 100mg of viagra last womens viagra uk buy buy viagra uk prescription Brain cancer breast cancer cancer prostate cancer body & health home cancer overview breast cancer - diagnosis & screening breast cancer management prostate cancer colorectal cancer research news archived webcast tools community support related conditions anemia anemia of chronic disease brain cancer breast cancer cancer cancer of the bladder cancer of the larynx cancer pain carcinoid syndrome cervical cancer... All 29 articles health features related medications health resources health main drugs conditions ask an expert community support health channels health video tools health features site map newsletter take control of your health. Subscribe to mediresource’s body & health monthly for free! Enter email i have read and accept terms of mediresource's privacy policy. Cancer testicular cancer in this factsheet: the facts on testicular cancer causes of testicular cancer symptoms and complications of testicular cancer diagnosing testicular cancer treating and preventing testicular cancer the facts on testicular cancer testicular cancer accounts for only 1% of cancer in men, but it is the most common cancer found in men between the ages of 15 and 35 years old, and the incidence of this condition has been increasing over the last hundred years. Testicular cancer also seems to be more common in white men than in those of african descent. Most cases of this cancer are found by testicular self-examination, often following a trauma or blow to the genital region. The cancer is divided into two types: seminoma (30%) and nonseminoma (70%). Causes of testicular cancer there's no known cause for testicular cancer. Risk factors for developing testicular cancer iinclude: family history of testicular cancer previous cancer in one testicle tobacco use undescended testis some studies suggest infertility as a risk factor for developing testicular cancer, but this is not yet proven. There is no association between testicular cancer and vasectomy, diet, or trauma. Symptoms and complications of testicular cancer the symptoms of testicular cancer include: a painless lump in the testicle (common) dull ache or pain in the groin or abdomen (uncommon) enlargement of a testicle (common) pain, discomfort, or a feeling of "heaviness" in the scrotum (uncommon) pain or discomfort in the testicle (uncommon) occasionally, symptoms arise from disease that has already spread to other organs, such as lumps in the neck, cough due to cancer in the lungs, back pain due to cancer in the bones, and, rarely, neurological problems because of nerve or brain problems. The treatment of testicular cancer can.
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