W how relevant what i'm going to say is, but it might help you. I can't eat things like bananas and porridge because of the consistency. But, what i have discovered is that the tireder i am, the worse it gets. So if i get up in the morning after not having had enough sleep (for me this is about 8hrs uninterrupted sleep, may be more or less for you) then the gag reflex will be bad and brushing my teeth is impossible for at least an hour and i can't eat bread. The other problems i have which are definitely connected to the cp also get worse if i'm tired. I recently had to go to the hospital to get a tooth looked at, and the surgeon said he didn't want to take it out as he felt it could be filled. He said that gag reflexes can be trained to be minimised (practice putting a toothbrush on the back of your tongue, i'd guess the worse the cp the longer it will take) and this is something dental clinics do so that they don't have to take teeth out unnecessarily, plus one thing you need to remember is that the more you think/worry about it, the more the muscles contract and the more shallow your breathing gets and so the more likely you are to gag. Deep, slow breathing really does help, i've tried this and can now have a dental checkup without gagging. Anyway, what they have now said is that i am to go to a clinic where they will attempt to fill the tooth under anesthetic. I don't know if i will get to experience the gag reflex training, i'm going to attempt to try the toothbrush on the back of my tongue while breathing as slowly and deeply as possible! Login or register to post comments report       access keys s - skip navigation home sitemap search services privacy policy terms of use contact us accessibility     have a question? Have a question about your donation or how your support makes a difference to our work with disabled people? How do i increase my donation? How does my donation help? How do i cancel my donation? View all faqs     how it works your posts are checked by our team before going live. generic viagra online canadian pharmacy cheap viagra online no precription in canada safe online viagra cheap viagra generic best price medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-cheap-viagra-online-canada-pharmacy-az/ generic viagra usa to usa buy viagra from canada buy viagra in usa online howtosmudge.com/pjn-discount-viagra-lowest-prices-gf/ viagra for sale without prescription Please be patient if your message takes a while… we have to do this to keep you safe - and remove scammers, spammers and other people who ruin the internet for ev.
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