Help log in join now home discussions news articles videos discussions current page anyone have any dietary ideas for person with microscopic colitis? By karne january 10 at 1:29 pm 385 3 i have seen 3 specialists, my p. Care physician, and a homeopathic doctor…not one professional has offered me any information regarding diet! I am not lactose intolerant, (been tested) do not have celiac's, or krohns but…have to think that diet figures into this scenario somewhere…any suggestions? I would like to get on with my life instead of facing each day with the prospect of…will i be "okey" today or will i have diarrhea (there, i said it)… digestive (gastrointestinal) problems 0 likes i like this i don't like this report as inappropriate track share email print twitter facebook replies (3 replies) add your reply ediep march 17 at 1:34 pm 0 likes    i like this i don't like this report as inappropriate edited march 17 at 5:09 pm by ediep yes, i definitely have a suggestion! I had a case of microscopic colitis so severe that i was in diapers. All 10 biopsies in my colonoscopy came back positive. (i tested negative for celiac sprue). Also, although never before allergic to anything, at some point during the attack, i discovered a severe lactose intolerance. I don't remember the drug the doctor gave me, but it (in combination with another drug i was taking) nearly destroyed my liver within a few short weeks. The doctor actually uttered the words, "…possible… liver transplant…" he also said my only option was a cortico-steroid — with absolutely hideous (and virtually guaranteed) side-effects. When i refused the prescription, his parting words were, "i'll see you when you give up. " my husband searched the internet for a diet, and a doctor on the net (so sorry, we've lost the connection) recommended an all white food diet: white potatoes (no skin), white bread, white rice, clear soup. Nothing with any color. Nothing to stress the colon. For me, since i was then lactose intolerant, it also meant no milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese. buying generic viagra online best generic viagra pharmacies viagra wholesalers viagra cheap price cheap viagra buy viagra with debit card buy online viagra germany where can i buy viagra locally without a prescription buy generic viagra online It was a very difficult diet to adhere to, but every time i gave in to temptation, the diarrhea returned. I lost another 10 pounds in addition to the 20 i'd already lost from the disease, but positive results were noticeable almost immediately. It took about three weeks of strict adherence to the diet to make the diarrhea go away completely, but it did! Also, my lactose intolerance eventually went away as well. The other thing i did was take heavy doses of hi.
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